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Theileriosis Molecular Diagnostic Kit

Bovine Tropical Theileriosis disease caused by Theileria annulata is a tick borne apicomplexion protozoan affecting cattle and buffalos in India and other tropical countries. Diagnosis of Theileriosis by field veterinarians is usually done by observing the clinical symptoms while laboratory confirmative diagnosis carried out by observing piroplasms in RBCs and Koch TMs Blue Bodies im lymphocytes. Most of the times developmental stages (early stages of infection) are not found in blood smear of the animals suffering from chronic disease.

GeNext Genomics developed the “Bovi-TheiDX” Theileria annulata DNA Isolation and Theileriosis PCR Detection Kit which is specific , accurate and highly sensitive kit for the diagnosis of Theileriosis.

The “Bovi-TheiDX is a complete solution for Theileriosis DNA isolation and detectionn. The kit has the process specific for Theileria protozoan DNA extraction and PCR specific for Theileria annulata.

The kit contains two components.

  1. DNA isolation coloumn and buffers
  2. PCR mix for Theileria annulata
Theileriosis Molecular Diagnostic Kit

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