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About Us

GeNext Genomics – A one-stop solution for all your protein needs!

Established in 2011, Genext Genomics Pvt Ltd is an emerging life science research start up and contract research organization in central india, with focus on providing purpose-based solution for life science customers, a one stop solution for all your protein needs! Founded and managed by a team of scientists with extensive experience in both academia and industry.

GNG is working for development of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies against clinically relevant targets through the integration of bioinformatics, recombinant DNA technology, proteomics and immunology using novel high-throughput technologies.

one-stop solution for all your protein needs

We specialize in large scale expression and purification of native as well as recombinant proteins from virtually any source! Major thrust area are diagnostic and therapeutic protein development, generation of antibody library using different platforms.

Advances in antibodies and protein engineering have been remarkable in the past decades and yet many more discoveries lie ahead. At GNG, we have expertise to engineer the protein molecule for greater reliability and binding efficacy. With a team of structural biologist, immunologist and cell biologist, GNG is continuously developing innovative solution to protein antibody interaction, protein efficacy etc.


These are the practical things GNG believes in. They directly inform the decisions we make and the actions we take as a business.



The way we do things is accurate, careful and efficient. From the way we develop our products, to the way we interact with clients, customers and partners – we work to get it right first time.



We work as a closely-knit team and value our relationships with other experts and organizations. This gives us knowledge and resource to get the right results.



Our work results in powerful, advanced technologies. We develop these into practical effective commercial products and applications – empowering people to live a better life.



We believe in the potential of innovation and our people. Our business is built on bringing out the best in people – nurturing talent and fulfilling all our ambitions.

Our values & vision

A leading life science research organization for protein & antibodies development

GeNext Genomics is a Science driven enterprise. Led by eminent scientists, business professionals and a focussed team of molecular biologists, microbiologists and protein engineers. GeNext Genomics has, in a short span, developed dozens of Antibodies and Protein products.

GeNext Genomics has a thorough understanding of both microbial and mammalian technologies and the ability to develop own Antibody producing clones and cell lines. The resulting unique platform technology has allowed GeNext Genomics to rapidly deliver efficient, cost-effective, scalable and internationally acceptable technologies and products.

With fully integrated ‘Bench to Manufacturing’ facilities, GeNext Genomics ensures a quick turnaround, adaptive technology and is capable of full-scale manufacturing.

GeNext Genomics is consistently able to meet and exceed all regulatory standards in its products, processes and facilities.

Our proven capability to research, develop, customize and manufacture high-value Products and Services.

life science research organization for protein