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    GeNext Genomics offers a wide range of services that complement your research and accelerate the process from development to clinical use


    GeNext Genomics has proprietary phage display library for production of high affinity monoclonal antibodies and has been specialized in applying the technologies for wide range of service project. GNG can provide high quality custom phage display library screening services in order to successfully meet your specific requirements. We are proud and happy to use our innovative platform to offer the best service and products to meet the demand of our customers.

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    GeNext Genomics provides customized solutions to each protein expression & Purification project.

    We at GNG, offer expertise in protein engineering which comprise of comprehensive service for recombinant protein expression and purification. We work along with our client and our dedicated team of scientists is always available to aid in experimental design in order to meet the project needs. We have successfully delivered various families of active proteins for phenotypic assays.

    Our services under protein engineering includes:
      Cloning the gene in the expression vector.

      Upstream- expression and purification at analytical scale.

     Downstream process – scale

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    Monoclonal antibodies are a key component of the biochemists
    research toolbox. They are important diagnostic reagent,
    important therapeutics and key reagents for the proteome study.

    Genext Genomics Pvt Ltd has state of art facility for producing
    customised high affinity monoclonal antibodies in mice. We offer
    a comprehensive package for producing custom monoclonal
    antibodies from synthesized peptide or recombinant protein
    antigens using mouse hybridoma technology.

      Fully custom mab development

      Sub cloning and validation

     Recombinant antibody production.

     Conjugation, labeling and purification

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    Recombinant antibodies (RAbs) are monoclonal antibodies
    which are generated in vitro using synthetic genes.Recombinant
    antibodies over power the hurdles of conventional antibody by
    providing unlimited source of antibodies.

    Recombinant antibodies can be produced as full IgG expressed
    in mammalian cell lines or fab, scfv or VHH in E.Coli making it a
    cost effective way to the production of antibody

    Conventional hybridomas tend to loose the antibody
    production capability by loosing the gene at any time point but
    recombinant antibody are reproducible reagent.

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    GeNext Genomics offers a wide range of products that complement your research and accelerate the process from development to clinical use

    Recombinant Proteins

    GNG also offers a wide range of recombinant proteins for research use.Through propriety protein expression technology , GNG has been able to deliver and express challenging proteins from all source in bacterial expression system. The protein we produce is validated at various platform functionally and stringent QC is maintained to deliver quality product. Our protein ranges includes cytokines, Interleukins, CD receptors, Viral proteins, bacterial and protozoan proteins

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    GeNext Genomics offers various antibodies against biological targets investigated in academic and pharmaceutical institutions. We focus on developing Recombinant, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies that are unique in binding a new epitope or in recognizing a new target. Browse our catalog for rabbit, mouse and rat antibodies that are developed for ELISA, western blot, immunoprecipitation and IHC applications

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    With the advancement in the molecular biology techniques, researchers have learnt to isolate, characterize, and manipulate the molecular components of cells and organisms. These components include DNA, the repository of genetic information; RNA, a close relative of DNA that plays a central role in the pathway from DNA to proteins, known as “Central Dogma” of molecular biology; and proteins, the major structural and enzymatic component of cells.

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    Bovine Tropical Theileriosis disease caused by Theileria annulata is a tick borne apicomplexion protozoan affecting cattle and buffalos in India and other tropical countries. Diagnosis of Theileriosis by field veterinarians is usually done by observing the clinical symptoms while laboratory confirmative diagnosis carried out by observing piroplasms in RBCs and Koch TMs Blue Bodies im lymphocytes

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